Tara House is a 22 unit residential condominium community, a ‘Sixties’ building, newly renovated post Katrina. Construction is concrete block and steel studs with a stucco façade. Balconies and floor to ceiling glass doors surround the property. Interiors range from 987 square feet for a one bedroom to 1300 square feet for a two bedroom / two bath residence.  Modern Kitchen features incorporate contemporary stainless steel appliances. Ceramic tile baths feature Jacuzzi style bathing. Each unit has a private balcony. Scored concrete floors lend a modern feel. High speed internet access is readily available. Custom walk-in closets keep all of your things organized and within reach. Each unit has an efficient 2.5 HVAC system. Individual stack/washer dryers are a new feature to each unit. We can customize interiors for individual lifestyle choices.

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Tara House Condos  •  309 Opal Street  •  New Orleans  •  504.283.2508  •  tarahousecondos@aol.com